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School principals today are under intense pressure to be superheroes – to move mountains for their students and do what often seems impossible. Unfortunately, that pressure often comes without the kind of support it takes to do this difficult work. Fortunately, there is a solution. As many of you already know, coaching is the ultimate “cheat code” when it comes to doing the impossible. But how do you find a coaching program that works?

The best coaching programs are built around tools, systems, and frameworks. BTC’s GROW Coaching for Schools is designed to support both Executive Leaders (Superintendents and District Office Leaders) as well as School Administrators (Principals and their Assistants).  We can provide the coaching or we can train your mentors and coaches on how to use the GROW framework in your coaching program. We ill tailor our services to meet your needs.

A Place to Stand

Learn how to create a winning culture of support and success that can be effectively measured and adjusted as necessary.

A Lever Long Enough

Improve your decision-making skills (the most powerful tool you have to improve outcomes), your ability to provide meaningful feedback to staff, and secure the services of an expert thought partner throughout the school year to help you make better decisions.

A Fulcrum to Place It On

Learn the power of balancing leadership and management skills to generate results.


Keep GROWing as a school leader

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What goal do you want to achieve?


How is that going for you? What does your data say?


What are your choices and alternatives for action?


What will you do and what will your coach do next to move closer to your goal?


Principal GROW Coaching includes 24/7 email, text, and phone support for key leaders. Coaches serve as mentors and sounding boards to help principals work through issues, problem-solve, and provide strategic planning support. Coaches can provide guidance and support for improvement planning, reviewing documents, helping with letters of direction, observations, and evaluation support.

In addition to 24/7 support, coaches will facilitate monthly G.R.O.W meetings. During these 30- to 60-minute sessions, coaches will work with clients through the following GROW framework:

  • What are you working on right now?
  • What are you hoping to achieve or accomplish?
  • How is that going?
  • What are the obstacles?
  • What useful information do you have or need?
  • What will you and your coach do next?
  • What actions will you take?
  • What are the options or alternatives for moving toward your goal?
  • What are your choices?

Clients in the GROW coaching program also participate in BTC's Priority Leadership Assessment®. This 50-question assessment tool will diagnosis your skills as a leader and manager and help you reflect on what actions you can take to GROW as a leader: